How to set delay while running a collection?

You have a collection and have a requirement to insert a delay of 10 secs after every request.

In order to do that you can use the --delay parameter and specifiy a delay in miliseconds.

newman run collection.json --delay 10000

Jenkins is showing wierd characters in the console. What to do?


If the Newman output in your CI server is not properly displayed, try adding following flags: --disable-unicode or / and --color off


newman run collection.json --disable-unicode

How to pass machine name and port number dynamically when running the tests?

Suppose, the URL to the server under the test may be different every time you get a new environment for testing, which is common with cloud environments. i.e. the part machine_name:port_number may be different.

There can be multiple way to do it, so below is one possible solution:

You can set global variables using newman from the CLI.

newman run my-collection.json --global-var "machineName=mymachine1234" --global-var "machinePort=8080"

In your request builder, just use them as https://{machineName{}}:{‌{machinePort}}.